REVIEW: Wax Witch

Lying in the bathtub with a vast amount of bubbles for indulgence; my personal favourite time of the day. This occasion was different, in such way the entire atmosphere was altered by three little things. Who knew something so small could take such a dramatic effect.

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A unique package made its way right to my front door. Instantly excited, I eagerly opened it to find three delicately individually wrapped candles from Wax Witch. They are a family run business which was born out of a desire to create something special. The scented candles use only 100% pure natural soy wax which burns cleaner without all the toxins and soot. Each candle has a specific fragrance which are product tested by themselves as a company and they enjoy trialling new fragrances for customers old and new.

image (1)The candles have a unique look, simple yet elegant. Presented with a lightweight glass holder with a professional business sticker on each; the sticker displays the company name, the fragrance of the candle and the Wax Witch website.

The candles would be appealing for everyone, regardless of age or gender as there is such a large selection of fragrances that there is really something for all and would definitely make a great gift.

Wax Witch specialise in different types of candles; they offer a bespoke candle service for every occasion. The can make a range of table centre pieces all the way to individual wedding favours with a personalised message, whether it be a poem or a small paragraph. With a dedicated Christmas candle collection they would make an appreciated gift or a special Christmas fragrance to uplift and enhance the Christmas spirit. From soy melts to pillar candles you really are spoilt for choice.

When lighting the candles, I expected a strong overpowering scent to fill the entire room, but to my pleasant surprise the burn of the natural soy wax was delightful and the strength of the aroma was just right. The candles had a slow burn, which is a great benefit to the product which enables the delightful aroma to be enjoyed time and time again. Within moments of lighting the first candle I was immediately relaxed and the atmosphere was outstanding. Each individual scent reminded me of different thimage (12)ings, the Chocolate Orange reminded me of Christmas time with a log fire burning. Rhubarb and Lime reminded me of our local Rhubarb festival where we have a celebration of Rhubarb (our town is famous for Rhubarb) and the Lime Basil and Mandarin reminded me of a being in a spa, relaxation and being pampered. After blowing the candles out, the aroma lingered in the room and passed through to neighbouring rooms which was a pleasant delight when re-entering the room and finding the air refreshing.

Wax Witch are a fantastic company and every conversation I had with Jill was extremely pleasant and I really felt like a valued customer. The communication between customer and company was five star; great service was delivered when delivery was fast and my package arrived just within 2 working days of shipment. I was informed when my items were sent and Jill went the extra mile for me to send out information separately that was missed and she ensured that the information was received at the same time as the product.

The fragranced soy candles are definately good value for money. A standard soy wax fragranced candle would only set you back £12 and they are many to chose from. I personally would purchase more of this product (I especially have my eye on the Blackcurrant and Liquorice one!) We had been provided with a selection for our review; Chocolate Orange, Rhubarb and Lime and Lime Basil and Mandarin.  All three were unique and offered something different. As Wax Witch are famous for their natural soy wax, people should use this business over any other candle distributor as their product burns cleaner and without the toxins and soot of the normal paraffin based candles.

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Click here to find out more about Wax Witch
Click here to browse their candle shop

Acknowledgements: Mumsnet Wakefield would like to thank Wax Witch for providing a free selection of candles in return for a review.


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